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6 Figures to Financial Success

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras is reported to have said, "Numbers rule the universe." Not a surprising observation for a man who was also a mathematician. But even ordinary people are often ruled by numbers on an almost daily basis, whether figuring sales tax, measuring a rug for the living room or baking a cake. We even give numbers magical powers, like a perfect 10, lucky sevens or a satanic 666.

Today, we're perhaps most concerned about numbers that pertain to our personal finances. Depending on our stage of life, numbers can act like mile markers regarding some important questions: Am I saving enough? Is my net worth solid? Can I get a good interest rate with my credit score?

Here are six figures that can add up to a better life and a secure retirement.

Read more: http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2010/09/17/figures-financial-success/#ixzz1LULxsQnF